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Once upon a time, we used to outsource most of our sticker printing (gasp!). Yes, it's true.

But the 2 week turn around times we got from some of our suppliers wasn't working out for most of our customers. It also didn't jive with our goal of turning around most projects within 3-4 days. So we began searching for the best options to bring all of our sticker printing in-house.

After researching a lot of different printers and inks, it was clear to us that innovative water-based latex Inks  and HP Vinyl were the unbeatable duo for our customers.

Why Water-Based Latex Ink & HP Vinyls?

Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic.

The HP Latex printer we use is among the most sustainable printers on the market today and utilize GreenGuard Gold certified inks. These inks are not harmful to the environment or humans, making them ideal to use in health-sensitive environments like health care facilities, restaurants, daycares, and for objects we use everyday, such as tumblers and toys. They're also odor-free, unlike some inks on the market (LOOKING AT YOU, SMELLY UV INK).

The HP Vinyls we use for our sticker printing are manufactured in the United States and come with their own set of high-quality environmental certifications. They are flame resistant with a B1 approved fire certification and are also REACH Compliant. REACH is a regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment.

High Quality, Versatile Printing.

Our HP Latex printer contains six print cartridges (black, cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta, yellow + latex optimizer) and can print up to 1200 dpi resolution. Colors are bold. The ink also offers high adhesion and resists cracking and yellowing with age.


Latex inks provide an incredible outdoor durability that is also heavily scratch resistant. Its also withstands the rigors of repeated washing, making it a great option for tumblers, coolers, car decals, etc.

The HP vinyls we use have shown incredible durability, lasting up to 4 years in outdoor conditions without lamination, and up to 10 years with lamination (ask for our Rough and Tumble stickers if you'd like the laminated option!) For indoor applications, the vinyls are rated for up to 10 years indoor display or up to 5 years in a commercial window display. As with outdoor, lamination doubles the display lifespan of the sticker. And of course, HP vinyls are water resistant without lamination but if you plan to put your stickers where they're going to receive...how should we put this..."A lot of the Ozarks" , we recommend lamination for extra strength durability.



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