Wild Beaver offers signage printing up to 48" x 96" on a variety of media

Wild Beaver has so. many. options. with signage printing and we are very happy to offer guidance to make sure you pick the right media for your application. In-house we're geared up for quick turnaround jobs on coroplast (yard signs), PVC, and foamboard, any size up to 24" x 36". We carry coroplast blanks in 12"x18", 24"x18" and 24"x36" so we can deliver super-quick on any outdoor signage needs. We have ground stakes in stock as well as rider-pens so you can attach a smaller coroplast sign atop a larger one.

For sizes larger than 24" x 36" or items needing a contour cut (shape cut), we have a very reliable industry print partner that typically gets projects back to us within 3 days.

Rigid Signage Media Available at Wild Beaver Print Shop:

  • Foamboard  -a great economical choice for temporary indoor use.  Has a smooth surface
  • Coroplast -most commonly used for yard signs or directional signage at events. It's light weight and outdoor durability also works great for food truck menus. Can be displayed using ground stakes or we can apply grommets for hanging.
  • PVC - a thin plastic that works best as hanging signage or in a frame. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Aluminum - heavy duty signage for a post or frame. Available in 2 thicknesses (0.04" and 0.08")
  • BackLit - polycarbinate material that refracts back lighting
  • JBond - available in 3mm and 6mm thicknesses, JBond is a dual media material with printing done on an aluminum skin mounted on a polythylene core. It's lightweight, durable, and a great media for mounting
  • PolyAir - Kind of like coroplast on steriods. You can't use ground stakes with it, but it's a little thicker and more rigid than coroplast and because it has a bubble core instead of flutes, it offers a smoother print surface.
  • Acrylic - BRAND NEW! 3/16" rigid plastic is great for indoor signage and photographs. Comes with standoffs for mounting .


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