Expedition Ozark Printing

For the first ever Expedition Ozark adventure race, Wild Beaver printed weatherproof maps, signage, and official booklets.

COVER PHOTO CREDIT - Wladimir Togumi, one of his many amazing photos shared on the Expedition Ozark Facebook page

Wild Beaver was excited to help Ozark Outdoor Foundation and United States Adventure Racing Association with some printing needs!

Expedition Ozark is an endurance adventure race that crosses 390 miles of challenging Ozark terrain. Teams comprised of 2-4 members have five days to complete the multi-sport course.

Weatherproof Marshal Books and Racer Books

Kayaking, mountain biking, climbing, hiking in the unpredictable springtime of the Ozarks required media that could withstand the elements!

We printed over 1800 maps for the event!

Rite in the Rain is a wood-based archival-grade paper that is water resistant as well as sweat, grease, and mud resistant, making it the perfect media for an outdoor endurance race.

Wild Beaver also created Cash Prize coroplast signs for the awards ceremony.

Catch up with gorgeous photos, podcasts, and video documentaries of the event - https://www.facebook.com/expeditionozark

Photo Gallery Credits:

Signage and Books - Wild Beaver Print Shop

Sharpie on the Map - Wladmir Togumi

Our Spirit Animal with maps spread out - Guillermo Guitierrez



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