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Custom Hats are Here!

What's even better is the caps are manufactured by Bentonville's very own

Need some caps? Specifically, at least 24 but preferably a minimum of 48 to avoid the $40 surcharge? Well then, won't you be happy to know we're now in the custom hat game.

2022 Custom Headwear Catalog

Through our partnership with Wild Beaver Print Co., we can help you create the right hat to fit your need, brand and budget.  The combinations of styles and colors are almost overwhelming but no worries, we're here every step of the process.

What's even better is the caps are manufactured by Bentonville's very own

Outdoor Cap so you're supporting two local businesses - it's a true 2 for 1.  

If you're unfamiliar, Outdoor Cap has been an industry leader and innovator in the headwear industry for decades; if you have a particular need or characteristic in your hat, it's very likely Outdoor Cap has just the right thing for you.

Everyone wants to know prices, right? The most popular style caps with a direct embroidery decoration will range between $11 and $18 per cap.  

If you're looking to create a cap to promote your brand, custom caps offer an advantage over t-shirts in that 69% of consumers own a promo brand hat and 33% of men wear their branded promo cap weekly or more.

Head over to our new Custom Headwear page where you can get a lot of information on the process and browse our online custom headwear catalog. Prepared to be dazzled with the selection of styles!!

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