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ALL WEATHER Big Head Prints are HERE!

Water resistant and light weight, our ALL WEATHER Big Head prints are ready for football season or any outdoor event. We can even put your head on a stake!

Football season is on its way. Cheer for your favorite athlete with a big head print from Wild Beaver Print Shop

Most online services print their big heads on cardboard. Our ALL WEATHER big heads are printed on durable, lightweight coroplast so they'll last all season long!

Wild Beaver offers three approx. sizes (we say "approximate" because hair plays a role in the finished size):
  • SUPER COOL TRADITIONAL 24 inch x 36 inch - $49.12
  • REALLY BIG 36 inch x 42 inch - $98.40
  • SUPER DUPER 42 inch x 48 inch - $152.52

GATHER YOUR GROUP AND SAVE SOME BUCKS with our SUPER COOL 24x36 inch size - order five or more & get them for $32.12 each!


Wild Beaver's ALL WEATHER Big Head prints are made from the same material as yard signs so you can perch it in the front yard, on the football field, or anywhere there is soft ground at your event. Tell us you want your head with a stake and we'll provide you with our Beefy Stake pins so you can do just that!

All sounds too fun, right? Well, let's Get Started!

  • Send us a clear, well-lit, closeup photo for best results! - print@wildbeaverprintshop.com
  • Photos should be 300dpi resolution (let us know if you'd like us to check the dpi of your image)
  • LONG HAIR - those long, flowing locks are gorgeous but including the full length means more of the sign space will be dedicated to hair instead of the face. Please let us know what is more important for your big head: face size or capturing the full hair length.

A word of caution to Print Procrastinators and General Dilly-Dalliers

Our ALL WEATHER Big Head prints take about a week to produce!

Group/team submissions will add a few days to normal production times due to the additional prep and cut work of this product.

A note about Group Submissions / Volume Discounts

We know getting a large group of people to submit materials can be like herding cats. But in order to get the group discount,we need everyone's images submitted together since we're placing multiple images on very large media.

Any stragglers who turn up after the the group order has been submitted won't be able to take advantage of the volume discount and will have to pay the regular price.

Cheer and embarrass your favorite person IN JUST 5-ISH DAYS with ALL WEATHER big head prints from Wild Beaver Print Shop
We're Ready! Are You?

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